The Mysterious Origins and Practices of the Singapore Lion Dance

Although it is thought to date back to the Ch’ in and also Han Dynasties c. 300BC, the true beginnings of the Chinese Lion Dance are a secret. For a start, how did a pet not native to China end up being such a big component of Chinese tradition. One popular legend informs of a monk or, in some versions of the tale, an emperor that fantasized that China was about to be tormented by several evils. On waking he hoped fervently to the gods for a method to avoid the coming catastrophe, as well as was compensated with a vision of a lion. Due to the fact that the monk had never seen or heard of a lion in the past, he produced his very own from lots of other mythical creatures including the dragon as well as unicorn. This definitely describes why the ‘lions’ used in the dance do not look excessive like real ones!

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Another, slightly extra realistic, account tells of an occurrence that occurred throughout the regime of the legendary Jade Emperor. In this story the lion was a gift to the Emperor from a going to Persian agent. The Emperor was captivated with the exotic pet yet unfortunately might not tame its aggression. At the Emperor’s bidding process lots of people attempted to calm and also control the lion, however all stopped working. Ultimately, it was a smart as well as calm monk who ultimately managed to calm the vicious beast. Proud of his brand-new animal, the emperor showed the lion around the country to his incredulous subjects. In time, the vibrant and also strange looking costumes of the lion dance raised a globe far from their African names. The monk who tamed or developed the lion is usually an accompanying personality in Lion Dances today.

Still another tale describes the lion as coming from paradise. Instead of being a strong animal, this lion was lively as well as a bit of a charlatan. Someday, the lion played one prank a lot of on the Jade Emperor, who in a fit of craze cut off the lion’s head. Guanine, the Goddess of Mercy, saw the fatality of the lion and also was filled with pity. She rejoined the lion’s go to his body, tying it back on with a wonderful red ribbon. Bringing him back to life she additionally offered the lion a mirror and also horn on his visit repel evil spirits. The bow, mirror and horn are all components of the contemporary Scholarship from Lion Dance Singapore costumes.