Day: July 27, 2019


Upside down pineapple tarts exotica

Pineapples are rich in Vitamin-C, manganese and vitamin B1 and B6. An enormous quantity of copper and dietary fiber is also there. Many people in our breakfast prefer to have a piece of bread. You will be stunned to know you could make this jam at home, filled with nourishment by using this tasty pineapple. It is very easy to generate a pineapple jam what you have got to do is to combine the pineapple, lemon juice and sugar in a pan very well. Then put the pan on medium heat and put in again one cup of sugar. Boil the mixture for some time barely for 2 minutes and then remove it from fire and skim off the foam that accumulates on the top. Again set the pan over heat again for a minute and boil.

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Add some butter and some pectin into it and boil it for a minute. Permit the jam to cool for seven minutes and then keep it in a jam jar and suspend the jar. Another delicious sweet dish that can be made from upside-down pineapple tarts singapore. Drain ten lemon slices and store the juice. Then you blend melted butter with one tbsp of lemon juice and add one-fourth cup of cornstarch in it and mix it thoroughly. Put this mixture in a baking tray and arrange the pineapple slices over the butter mixture.

Beat butter, eggs and vanilla essence in a grinder. Now blend tarts flour with baking powder, soda, cinnamon and salt. Add this flour to the butter mixture and add alternatively lemon juice and butter milk. Make the tarts mixture smooth and firm, no little granules should leave there. Put this mixture over the Pineapple slices that you have put on the baking tray. Stir this concoction for twenty to twenty five minutes and after the baking area is finished, take it out and let it cool for several minutes and set it over a plate. Serve warm with lemon jelly or serve cold with lemon sauce.